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    Real Estate Blog

    Though it’s frequently associated only with people’s homes that are in disarray, something everybody could do is to clear some of the clutter from their homes. Let’s explore some of the benefits of clearing the clutter from your home.

    1. Your home looks better

    We’ll start with the most obvious reason: without the clutter, your home looks nice! If you had lots of stuff before, now you have room to light some candles without burning anything. Not only do candles look good, but it also gives your home some warmth and a homey feel.

    If you are relatively tidy, removing some of the visible items in your home still makes an impact. Depending on what you remove, it could make your home seem more spacious. Having less decor could also help people more

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    Dear clients and friends,

    It is hard to predict anything in these uncertain times… I am sitting here thinking… whatever I write… can totally change again in a day or by next week! The main thing really for all of us is to stay safe and healthy. I know two parties that have lost friends to the COVID-19 and it is a tragedy.

    Myself and my family are doing good, isolating like everybody else. My assistant Kim is working from home as I am, and as realtors, we can’t do Open Houses anymore and are encouraged not to go out to the public. Only when absolutely necessary, we show homes with a mask and gloves so all parties are protected, Sellers and Buyers. A health questionnaire is filled out to make sure the risk of infection is hopefully kept at a minimum.


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    Resting alongside Okanagan Lake and Kalamalka Lake while enclosing Wood Lake within its embrace is a cozy municipality befittingly named Lake Country. Along with its lakes are rolling mountains and blue skies, capturing the full country lifestyle within a snug community - all while only being a 30 minute drive away from the cities of Vernon and Kelowna.

    With lakeside cafes and markets and easy lake access, including seven beach parks in the Oyama neighbourhood alone, it goes without question that you can easily find a way to enjoy the lakes in this area. Before you jump in one of these bodies of water, let’s take a dive into 5 of the top experiences you can have living in Lake Country.

    1. Okanagan Rail Trail

    What better way to enjoy the lakes

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    We recently purchased a home. Annette Denk was our realtor. We can not thank her enough for navigating us through the process. She was so professional and so prompt with all of our requests and concerns, even at the end when there were a few hiccups she was on it immediately and resolved everything. She went out of her way to make this a stress free and pleasant experience. We would highly recommend Annette to anyone purchasing a home or property in the Okanagan. Her knowledge of the market and area is exceptional. Thanks again Annette. We love our new home!

    Stephen & Lodi

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    1. Create a dedicated work space

    Ideally an office or desk that you can work from so that the energy of that space is one of productivity and no distractions such as your phone. Better yet, ensure an ergonomic chair and natural light/fresh air. If you have to use your dining table, have an anchoring item that you put down on the table (such as a cup of pens, an oil burner or vase of flowers), or play a certain type of music, and that signifies the energy and intention of it being a working space. And similarly, when you are finished, you take that item away so that it returns to simply being your dining table. 

    2. Have set hours that you work on/in your business

    When you have a clear start and stop time it stops the unproductive behaviour of

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    Will the coronavirus affect our housing market?

    There is no denying the impact the coronavirus is having on the global economy in the world. It is scary to see the stock market crash so much! The virus has halted production and caused major interruptions to the supply chain and economic volatility, and it could lead to an estimated $2.7 trillion in lost global output, according to Bloomberg Economics. Usually with a stock market crash, comes a slow down in real estate.

    On the other side, if the challenge persists over a more extended period, Canadian housing markets are likely to become even more attractive to investors who would like to move their capital from markets with ominous health risks to the relatively safe environment. Investors might want to 

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    Hope you all had a great Family Day long weekend. Hard to believe middle of February arrived.

    Last week I was at an Exp real estate conference and it was great to be updated on the latest and newest in real estate, covering marketing, social media etc. Knowledge and cutting edge are the key to any business.

    The market picked up very early this year as I had a busy start for February already.

    Our Market starts strong for 2020!

    • Residential sales for January are up across the region of Revelstoke to Peachland and saw a 20% increase compared to the same time last year marking a positive start to 2020.
    • New listings more than doubled December’s count, with 758 compared to 446 last month, which is a common seasonal market trend for the time of year.
    • The
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    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season with great relaxing times with family and friends.

    I was up at Silver Star with my family and we all enjoyed the snow and the atmosphere up there. Being away from it all, definitely has a great effect on everybody!

    Now back to Real Estate…

    • Market has not changed much from last month, which is normal for the Season. 2019 got mostly busy towards the end of the year as the election was over and buyers were on the fence too long, and finally decided to buy.
    • Kelowna ranked No. 1 for investors buying in Western Canada for 2020. No. 2 is Prince George, Chilliwack is 3rd, Lethbridge Alta., at 4th, and Moose Jaw, Sask., in 5th. Excellent for our market here!
    • Kelowna’s airport is the second busiest airport in BC
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    For me this year has gone by very fast and hopefully it was a very successful one for you on a personal and business level. It is always fun to reflect on what we have accomplished and what we would like to change in the new year.

    It is hard to stay in touch with everybody as our lives are consumed with so many tasks and demands but know how much I appreciate your continued support.

    I had a busy November in regard to Sales and it feels that Buyers are looking again more.

    Here are our average prices:

    Central Okanagan:
    Condos 402,589   Townhomes  534,407   Lots  443,106    Homes  752,004    Days on the market  72

    Average Price compared to a year ago is down 0.50%, but Waterfront homes down 32.28%

    North Okanagan:
    Condos 205,914   Townhomes  366,974   Lots 

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